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Automated Parking Lot Management Systems.

Service providers in the parking industry need to deploy modern technological advancements to simplify, streamline and ensure wonderful customer experiences. A certain service providers offers a vast range of services to help parking lot owners deploy and operate automated parking systems. A number of professionals are hired by the firm to serve clients during designing, choosing and implementing suitable parking lot management systems. Modern and advanced techniques combined with technological advancements are deployed to create reliable, effective and user friendly systems. Clients are availed with various solutions including access control systems, gated entrances, parking lot signs and others to enhance operations.

Clients are assured of getting matching solutions depending on the size of lots, areas of application and other criteria as the firm has necessary resources.

The automated parking systems feature components to control entry, receive payment, monitor parking lots, give tickets and guide drivers. Large parking lots usually have numerous visitors entering and leaving and the systems are designed to make this process easier, seamless and quicker. The parking lot management systems are suitable for all kinds of areas such as commercial, public, employee, tenant, and private parking spaces. Owners are assisted in installing and configuring the parking systems to simplify the whole process and ensure streamlined operations.

The barriers are controlled by the access control systems that take customer’s credentials, processes them and permit them to pass.

Payments can be made using credit cards or other desired methods and the systems are designed to offer secure and confidential transactions. If customers reside within the buildings they can leave their room keys which will be returned together with tickets by the access control systems. The systems take customer’s credentials, deduct indicated charges, print tickets and direct barriers to open to allow entrance.

Parking lot owners use customized applications to control operations, monitor lots, confirm payments and get relevant information. After obtaining customer’s credentials, the system processes the data and submits this information onto designated reporting applications.

Drivers are directed on whether to stop, wait and drive-by uniquely programmed lights that show distinct colors to indicate varying instructions. Drivers can also use the large and full-colored monitors to get information and instructions. Lots are divided into sections and some sensors installed to determine whether occupied or free and painted appropriately to raise safety. The tickets generated contain crucial information such as the number of vehicles parked, customers particulars and time of entry and leave. Payment rates can be changed accordingly to match with particular periods. Cards and tickets issued are used when visitors are leaving to reopen the barriers and allow passage.
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